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CARA – Caring for Cooroy and District

Notice of CARA AGM

Thursday, 26 November 2015
The Annual General Meeting of the Cooroy Area Residents Association Inc  (CARA) is to be held on Thursday, 26 November, 6:00pm at the Community Access Room, Cooroy Library.

All CARA members are cordially invited to attend.

The following items are listed:
• President’s Report
• Presentation of the Association’s Financial Statements and signed statement for the year ended 30th June 2015 to the meeting for adoption
• Election of CARA management committee
• General Business

We have nominations for all management committee positions except the treasurer’s position. If you would like to nominate for any position, you can download a nomination form HERE. If you would like to vote, but can’t attend the AGM, a proxy form is available HERE. Please send these forms to: The Secretary, CARA, P.O. Box 419 Cooroy 4563 by 23 November.

The Noosa Plan: proposed amendments

Have Your Say by 2 October 2015

Noosa Council is proposing to amend The Noosa Plan for the Shire of Noosa. Draft amendments are currently on public display and the community is invited to provide feedback.While there are various proposed amendments, the purpose of these changes is generally to:

  • Correct and update the scheme
  • Reduce red tape for small businesses, particularly rural ones
  • Improve affordable housing choice
  • Facilitate a wider choice of visitor experiences, particularly in the hinterland
  • Protect our countryside, bushland and drinking water catchments
  • Protect people and property from natural hazards including flooding now and in the future
  • Protect residential amenity

Read the overview HERE.

At this preliminary consultation stage Council are seeking your input on errors within the Scheme you may be aware of, any areas that could be improved, and your views on eight consultation papers which address the following topics:

There are more documents and maps on the different Shire precincts HERE.

To have Your Say please supply a written submission (form can be downloaded here)on any aspect of the proposed amendments to The Noosa Plan by Friday 2 October 2015 via one or more of the following channels:

  • Post to Noosa Council, PO Box 141, Tewantin Qld 4565 or lodge at Council’s level 2 counter, 9 Pelican Street Tewantin
  • Email

Noosa Design Principles

Noosa has been shaped not only by nature, but also by the actions of passionate residents, architects, designers, community groups and the Council to create a distinctive Noosa style. The principles behind this discrete Noosa style have been captured in the Noosa Design Principles. The document aims to inform and inspire the reader to understand the basis behind what many take for granted in our beautiful environment. View the Noosa Design Principles document HERE [6MB].

Elm Street intersection update

Elm Street intersection approached from Maple Street

Elm Street intersection approached from Maple Street

Our local member, Peter Wellington, has made representations on our behalf to the District Director of Department of Transport and Main Roads about the Elm Street, Myall Street intersection. Here is their reply:

Thank you for your further query regarding congestion at Cooroy intersections, particularly east of the railway line at Myall and Elm streets.

TMR acknowledges that congestion is experienced during peak periods in the Cooroy town centre and motorists experience some delays at Myall and Elm streets and Diamond and Elm streets intersections. TMR receives many requests for improvement works at intersections and allocates funding for these improvements on a priority basis. Priorities are determined by considering site-specific parameters that primarily include crash history, but may also include other factors such as traffic volumes, geometry and visibility. A review of TMR’s crash database shows these intersections both have low crash histories and are not considered a high priority for funding as there are other intersections across the state and within North Coast District demonstrating a greater need.

 As you are aware, TMR is working closely with Noosa Council to consider future east-west connections between coastal areas and towns such as Cooroy in the Northern part of the Sunshine Coast. While these investigations take a regional approach, localised issues are also being considered as part of the future transport requirements for the area. The investigations are in a preliminary phase and the link between, and including these two intersections, has been highlighted as a priority area for consideration. 

I can advise that Noosa Council is developing options for possible improvements to the intersections for TMR to review. TMR will continue to work alongside council to progress these options.

 Once the strategy is finalised, further investigation will be required to determine the best solutions for the area, taking into account forecast transport requirements.  TMR will then consider funding for any improvements during future reviews of the program.

 TMR will continue to monitor performance of these intersections and continue routine maintenance in the area.

Cooroy Community Workshop From May 1998 

At the time when local timber resources were running out and the state government was instituting its SE Forests Agreement, a community workshop was conducted at the Cooroy RSL in May 1998. You can read a report on this meeting HERE, to see how there are many  topics mentioned then that are similar to current concerns.

Meeting starts the process







Around 50 people gathered for the working breakfast at The Hub on 25 March to pool their collective brainstorming talent to come up with ideas on how Cooroy may develop in the years to come, as it copes with the challenges of inevitable growth. Councillors Bolton and Pardon were helpful participants.

MC Richard Hansen capably kept the ideas flowing. These included a general desire to see the town retain its country atmosphere, Lake McDonald development plans, affordable housing, mixed housing zoning, a ring-road around Cooroy, improved Internet speed, an extra toilet block in town, an industrial area with access to the highway, a second retirement village, expansion of Rural Living zoning, clear zoning guidelines for intensive farming proposals, a disaster muster centre, and appropriate zoning for Black Mountain transfer station.

As well, support for local tourism operators, the establishment of a Cooroy farmer’s market, national park status for West Cooroy State Forest, an off-leash area for dogs, and better playground facilities were proposed.

CooryBowls2A Broad masterplan for Cooroy needs to be made with the roles of the state and local government in mind. The Elm Street bridge was identified as a major issue, and given that this is a state responsibility, it appears that only extensive traffic holdups or more accidents will push the crossing up the state priority lists. And an improved pedestrian crossing for rail lines also needs state assistance if it is to become a reality.

To the argument that Cooroy is a town divided, it was countered that the town could be recognised for its precincts, and these need to be recognised, strengthened and promoted. If there was a consensus, it was that the town of the future needs to be resident and family friendly, have a vibrant commercial and retail centre, encourage more alfresco dining, institute traffic calming measures, and ensure a sound economic base that includes environmental sustainability.

The future
We plan to put up a web site that will list all the ideas, call for more suggestions, and allow comments from all those who can’t get to meetings, but who still would like a say in the town’s future. Later in the year, CARA and the Cooroy Chamber of Commerce will likely co-host a forum that scrutinise all the best and most viable options, and put together a submission for Noosa Council as it prepares for its new Noosa Plan in 2016.

And now that our local state member, Peter Wellington, is in a strong position to help us with our aims, we plan to meet with him once we have a clear idea of how best he could assist us.

Cooroy: where to now?

Cooroy2A breakfast meeting of professionals, business owners, community representatives, and others interested in how Cooroy may develop in the years to come.

The idea is to set the agenda for a major planning workshop hosted in conjunction with interested community groups later in the year. This event will collate planning suggestions for the future of Cooroy, and present them to Noosa Council for consideration as they prepare the new Noosa Plan in 2016.

The Hub
5 Opal St
7am, Wednesday, 25 March 2015
Cost: $15 for breakfast (pay on the day)
Meeting only 7:30am: Free
RSVP :   23 March
Please indicate whether you’d like to include the breakfast.

The breakfast event is not about long speeches, it’s more of a get together for brainstorming and coming up with practical ideas which will be collated and put up for discussion in the future. 

Meeting moderator: Richard Hansen

Possible topics:
• Cooroy: a town divided          • The Elm St Bridge
• Parking problems                    • Housing growth areas
• Light industrial growth areas      • Flood mitigation
• Tourism        • Rural subdivision         • Your topic

To facilitate further discussion, we’ll publish a website dedicated to the Planning Cooroy Forum where all the material can be posted and where debate and further discussion can take place.

Review of Cooroy Butter Factory appraisal process

On 9 March, Noosa Council CEO Brett de Chastel asked council’s executive manager to investigate allegations by Bruce Creswell that there may have been conflict of interest by having council consultants d-sipher prepare a report for the review process and then help two of the favoured concepts make up their submissions. The report was received on 12 March at the monthly ordinary meeting of Council and the allegation was dismissed. Councillors voted to support the Lower Mill Board’s (LMB) submission, but tempered this decision by the withdrawal of a planned offer of $80,000 to the LMB to allow them to meet start-up expenses and employ suitably qualified staff to support the operations of the new Butter Factory model. They now have to negotiate a funding package and resubmit this to Council along with a business plan.

This will put the iconic building’s future on hold for now, and CARA will request the opportunity to host a town meeting to discuss the LMB’s final concept.

Where to for the Cooroy Butter Factory?


November 25 Meeting
At the meeting 25 November in the Butter Factory council staff gave a presentation on five favoured proposals from the list of submissions which can be found HERE.

LEAD CONCEPTS Model style:
1. U3A Cooroy sub-branch (U3A Noosa) proposal
Establish a sub-branch of U3A Noosa within the Butter Factory, offering classes and activities.
It could incorporate existing Butter Factory activities and extend to other groups.

2.Community managed
For example this could be the Lower Mill Board managing on behalf of the community.

3.Council managed
This would basically maintain the status quo.

4. Interpretation centre, (Bruce Cresswell, Jeanette Alfredson)
Create an interpretation centre using the historic Cooroy Butter Factory sitting at the geographical centre of the Noosa community biosphere. It would extend the existing arts components by adding new segments of nature, indigenous and heritage tourism.

Centre for ceramic excellence (Rowley Drysdale)
5. To establish a local, national and internationally acclaimed Cooroy Butter Factory Centre for Ceramic Excellence which would incorporate exhibitions, retail sales, workshops and accredited classes.

CooroySignWhy not join us?
CARA exists to provide a forum for community information and discussion on matters affecting the residents of Cooroy and district.

A Queensland Health Report found that, “People who actively participate in their community and have strong and supportive family, cultural and community relationships have better health than people who are socially isolated.”

So join CARA now and become an active member of your community.